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Birth trauma is an umbrella term, it’s really perinatal trauma!

Birth trauma is an umbrella term, it’s really perinatal trauma 

Fertility & infertility 

Pregnancy trauma & scan trauma 



NICU and Hospital admissions

All perinatal trauma is valid. 

Is my birth trauma valid ? 

I have never shared my story 

I didn’t realise it was trauma until months later 

I only spent a few hours in NICU/hospital 

It happened a long time ago 

I didn’t die 

My friends have had such worse experience then me

I feel better now

Answer - yes ! 

Your trauma is valid, and although everyone experiences trauma differently, it is not uncommon. It has been estimated that up to 1 in 3 people who give birth may experience birth trauma.

Birth trauma is also about what didn’t happen 

NO photos, NO golden hour, NO respect, NO kindness, NO safety, NO living baby, NO autonomy, NO warmth, NO choice, NO carrying to full term, NO taking your baby home, NO consent, NO support, NO holding your baby first

Is this happening for you ? 

Feelings of sadness, mourning or longing for the expectations that were not met and the loss of an idealised birth experience. Where there is birth trauma there is grief and loss.

This is not your fault. 

If you feel responsible or to blame for your birth trauma, leading to a sense of failure and increased depressive state of mind. This is not your fault. 

If you often are distressed and overwhelmed, and can replay in your mind the events of the trauma, this leads to heightened anxiety and panic attacks. Sometimes you may have vivid and alarming images triggered by emotional or physical situations of everyday life

This is not your fault. 

You may find your anxiety levels so heightened from small in subsequent life stressors or unknown triggers, often not seen as connected to the birth trauma itself but a sensation of impending doom and terror.  This is effecting all your relationships, your moods, and behaviours. 

This is not your fault. 

What can be done differently? 

Many parents think they should ignore their feelings and present a happy face to the world. But it’s important to value your emotional health, recognise that your feelings matter, and give voice to your experience. This is the way you begin to heal.

Unresolved trauma doesn’t simply go away. It’s important to examine your feelings to understand why you feel the way you do. Otherwise, these negative emotions can simmer under the surface, affecting your everyday life in big and small ways.

Trauma informed planning 

  • Acknowledge previous perinatal trauma (s) properly either by writing down the story, discussing with a supportive person, or seeking help with a trauma specialist.

  • Ensure your needs and fears are recognised fully and discussed.

  • The rewind technique is ideal for helping to really individualise your trauma and triggers, and to create a positive rehearsal method designed for you to move forward.

  • Write a pregnancy and birth plan that is from a trauma informed method. This could be done ahead of time, even when it is just the thought in your mind and for anyone who has a deep rooted fear of childbirth without any previous trauma.

  • This plan is specifically created to manage your individual trauma triggers.

  • A trauma informed birth plan can help guide conversations with care providers to rebuild trust.

The Alternative Midwife method works clinically with a trauma informed approach offering Birth Trauma Resolution Therapy as a treatment to achieve and relieve any anxieties and fears ahead of pregnancy and childbirth.  The Rewind technique is highly effective in moving women from a place of fear and debilitating triggers to planning and looking more readily to an upcoming pregnancy and birth, calming any negative and triggering stored emotions from a previously difficult or traumatic perinatal event and birth. 

Get in touch for a chat on how this session maybe able to help and support you.  You matter.

tel: 07884 071 571

insta: @the_alternativemidwife

2 x sessions at home by accredited Birth Trauma Therapist and Midwife

1.5-2hrs duration

Birth debrief

Rewind therapy session

Abdominal relaxation and breathing techniques

Positive rehearsal recorded script


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